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Here is an archive of sheet music for original Rizzetta tunes and songs. At the bottom of the page there are also some traditional tunes and some tunes composed by my classes. You are welcome to print copies for personal use. Most of my original music is here, although there might be some new tunes, or old ones, that I haven’t added yet. And some tunes and arrangements get updated from time to time. Click a title to see the sheet music in PDF format. See also: Tune Books.


RIZZETTA TUNE ARCHIVE – Original Tunes and Songs:


After The Rain
Becky’s Prelude
Bucks And Does
Carrie Saving Trees
Cloud Canyons, Dusk
Flowing Waters
Hand In Hand
Healing Springs
Healing Springs duet
In The Cathedral Forest
In The Cathedral Forest duet
Keeping Vigil
Ocean’s Edge
Portland Aire
Purple Cloud
Rippling Waters Waltz
Sacred Place A
Sacred Place E
Sam In September (composed by Betsy Calvert)
Seneca Farewell
Seven Valleys
Spring Beauty
Stars Like Dust, The
The Hawk And The Trout
The Stars Like Dust
Walking On Graves


Ladies In Long Dresses duet
Ladies In Long Dresses trio
The Reluctant Swan quartet
Two Fawns
Wedding In May 2nd harmony


Carrie Under The Arbor
Christmas In The Air
Chocolate On Her Face
In The Labyrinth
Jay’s New Hip
Revenge of the Zombie Bunnies
Shagbark Hickory Jig
Wrens And Robins


Blackie’s Rag
Boiler House Blues & walking bass
Boiler House Blues & variation
Bumble Bee Rag
Bumble Bee Rag, harmony
Dulcimer Boogie
Emil’s Rag
Playing In The Mud
Ragtime Robin
Return To Texas
Rocky Ridge Rag
Rolling Pumpkins
Spring Fling
Spring Fling, Ragtime Variations #1 & #2
Spring Fling, Ragtime Variations #3 & #4 for hammer dulcimer
Sweetie Blues
Wake Up Rag (short)
Wake Up Rag


Adirondack Canoe Carry
Bear Ran Down The Mountain #5
Bela and Yo Yo
Bela and Yo Yo duet
Carrie’s Welcome
Charlie’s Pie
Climate Change Reel
Comet, The
Cool Spring
Cowboy Coffee
Coyote On A Slippery Slope
Crooked Road To Brasstown
Dad’s Favorite
Dancing Canoe, The
Dark River
Dolly Sods
Eagle In The Tall Tree
Eagle Nest
Esther’s Rambles
Esther’s Rambles duet
Fiddle in the Middle
Finches In The Snow
Fire In The Cloud
Fire In The Cloud, duet
Fire In The Cloud, duet variation
Fire in the Frying Pan
Flicker In The Gum Tree
Floodwater Creek
Going To The Land Of Jean Ritchie
High Falls Of Cheat
Highballing, with harmony
Hoodoo Hoedown
Hoodoos On The Missouri
Jay And The Double Deuce
Laverne’s Pie (More Pie!)
Lone Gray Wolf
Maddie’s Garden
March In The Forest
March of the Chocolate Zombie Bunnies
Monks In The Chocolate Shop
Moonlight On The River D
Moonlight On The River Fretted Dulcimer TAB
Orcas in the Moonlight
Orcas in the Moonlight, harmony
Passing Fancy
Patty In The Snowbank
Paul’s New Dulcimer
Pirate’s Cove
Prancing Deer
Prancing Deer harmony
Ramps and Redbuds #2

Rattlesnake Hideaway
Red Creek Ramble
Rivers All Flooded And I Can’t Go Home
Russell Fluharty’s Dream
Russell Fluharty’s Dream, Variation
Summer Set
The Comet
The Coral Girl And The Shoemaker
The Dancing Canoe
The Many Gifts Of Gratitude
The Royal Paulownia Hornpipe
Toad In The Road
Twister duet
Under The Spice Bush
Volcano Strut
Voyageurs Farewell
Wedding In May
Wedding In May, with harmony

Wild Coyote On Dolly Sods


Around The Great Hall
Lincoln Beachey


Betty Keep Your Butt Down
Birthday Hooray
Dreaming Of You
Farewell To The Walleye
Floating Down the Manistee
Sing Me A Song
Stars Shine Bright
Stars Shine Bright, vocal harmony
Stars Shine Bright instrumental harmony
Trout Fishing Cures A Broken Heart
Where Mountain Laurel Grows (My West Virginia Home)
Where Mountain Laurel Grows, ending


Becky’s Prelude
Lilac Time
March In The Forest
Moonlight On The River D
Moonlight On The River Fretted Dulcimer TAB
Patty In The Snowbank
Purple Cloud
Rusty Dusty
Sacred Place A
Sacred Place E
Sam In September (composed by Betsy Calvert)
Spring Beauty
The Many Gifts Of Gratitude
Voyageurs Farewell
Wedding In May
Wedding In May, with harmony


Aeolian Waltz
Augusta At Midnight
Betsy’s Waltz
Breeze in the Willows
Broken Foot
Butterfly Garden Waltz
Cedars In Snow
Cup Of Friendship Overflowing, The
Dora’s Waltz
Dorian Waltz
Farewell To The Rose and the Thorn
Fat Cat Fandango
Fat Cat Fandango duet

Healing Springs
Healing Springs duet
Heartland Bouquet
Heartland Bouquet 2015 variation
Heritage Waltz
Hidden Waterfall, The
In The Cathedral Forest
In The Cathedral Forest duet
Ionian Waltz
Lady Of The Mist
Locrian Waltz
Love Above All
Lovers In Spring
Lydian Waltz
Moonlight In The Balsam Fir
New Mexico Sunrise
Phrygian Waltz
Portland Aire
Rippling Waters Waltz
Shenandoah Circle
Shepherds Island Waltz
Sleepy Creek Waltz
Stars Like Dust, The
The Cup Of Friendship Overflowing
The Hidden Waterfall
The Stars Like Dust
Truffles Genevieve
Truffles Genevieve harmony
Two Feathers
Walking On Graves
Woodie’s Waltz

Traditional Tunes:

Abide With Me 2 parts
Abide With Me 4 parts
Blackie Cool’s A Polka
Blackie Cool’s A Polka in G
Blackie Cool’s A Polka in G duet
Bonaparte’s Retreat
Bonnie James Campbell
Chinquapin Hunting
Christ Child Lullaby improv
Ding Dong Merrily On High
Dawning Of The Day, The (duet)
Dry And Dusty
Dry And Dusty, variation
East Tennessee Blues
Evan’s Hornpipe
Goodbye Liza Jane
Greasy Coat
Holy Manna quartet
Huron Carol
Jenny Lind Polka
La Golondrina
Little Liza Jane; drone
Memphis Shakedown (hammer dulcimer arrangement)
Memphis Shakedown
Memphis Shakedown var
Nonesuch (5 parts)
Northfield quartet
Now My Dear Companions
Quail Is A Pretty Bird
Simple Gifts
Sweet Hour Of Prayer duet
The Dawning Of The Day duet
The Rose Tree
Three Forks Of Cheat
West Virginia Waltz
Wild Rose of the Mountain

Class Tunes:
Some student group compositions written in Sam’s workshops.

Bardstown Belle
Bells of Darby
Bubbling Beech
Bumblebee Jig
Dancing on the Hill
Kentucky High B
Kentucky Mist
Maddie In The Mountains
Moonlight On The Prairie
Music Magic Week
Old Cobble Road
Reel Brandon
Sam’s tune
Shepherd By The Water
Skipping With Sam
Smoky Hills

Whistle Stop Waltz

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