2. Music Videos – Music In The Time Of Coronavirus

Music In The Time Of Coronavirus – the MITTOC Project

The pandemic, along with its quarantines, distancing, and economic hardship, has caused stress and uncertainty for so many. I decided to share free videos of soothing and uplifting music with nature photography for any help they might provide. Music and scenes of nature always make me feel better, and I hope they might do the same for you. Part of the goal is to collaborate with other artists who can work and record at home on their own. Music and photos are exchanged electronically and assembled into a whole.

Here are links to MITTOC Project videos as they are completed:

Carrie’s Welcome
Hammer dulcimer solo by Sam Rizzetta. This is from the CD “Love Above All” combined with photos of clouds and flowers. Sheet music is on the Sheet Music page.

Love Above All
Madeline MacNeil – vocal; Sam Rizzetta – hammer dulcimer
This is a remix from the CD “Love Above All” combined with nature photography. Sheet music is on the Sheet Music page.

Song Without Words
Lee Jones – virtual pipe organ; Sam Rizzetta – photography
The composer is Darwin Wolford. The music is from a compilation edited by Darwin Wolford called “Just for Manuals.”
Harold Flammer, Inc.
Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327

Hammer Dulcimer-Celeste demo
This video introduces a new kind of musical instrument. The celestial tones of the DulCeleste seem to fit the purposes of the MITTOC Project. A variety of short traditional and original tunes are played. The tune list can be found on the Hammer Dulcimer-Celeste page.

If you enjoy the videos, feel free to share them. We will create more as time permits.