Sam Rizzetta at CD Baby
The online source for Rizzetta CDs, digital downloads, and sound clips.

Trapezoid at CD Baby
To download the original Trapezoid album.

Gourd Music
A source for some Rizzetta CDs and other fine dulcimer music.

Dusty Strings
Information and tunings for some Rizzetta hammer dulcimer designs, a source for replacement strings, and wonderfully conscientious builders of excellent harps and hammer dulcimers.

Nicholas Blanton Instruments
Lots more information on Rizzetta hammer dulcimer designs and tunings. Nicholas also builds his own instruments and is a craftsman of great skill, artistry, and dedication.

Dulcimer Players News
A quarterly magazine for dulcimer players. Highly recommended.

Linda Lowe Thompson
A source of good dulcimer instruction books, tune books, and lots of useful links.

Coon Hollow Canvas
My favorite soft cases for hammer dulcimers are made by Helen Pilling at Coon Hollow Canvas. Custom features, great colors, and reasonable prices.

Below are some of my favorite music camps; they are wonderful places to take classes and hear great music:

Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia has a well-deserved reputation for truly excellent workshops and concerts.

Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia has long been one of the premier music camps in the country. I started teaching there in 1974 and introduced their first hammer dulcimer classes in the late 1970’s.

John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina has music and craft classes year round in a wonderful mountain setting. It is one of my favorite places in the universe.

Kentucky Music Week in Bardstown, Kentucky happens in June each year. There is a huge number of workshops for both hammer dulcimer and mountain dulcimer players. Plus concerts and jam sessions.

Common Ground On The Hill in Westminster, Maryland has a wonderful July festival of traditional music, arts, and classes, as well as concerts throughout the year that encourage cultural diversity.

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