Standard 16/15/7 Hammered Dulcimer (SOLD)

This is one of the last dulcimers that Sam built, and it was his go-to instrument for local jams and recordings in the last year of his life. Like all of Sam's instruments, it features the exceptionally warm response characteristic of this all-wood dulcimer. This dulcimer has no back. Sam used it with his table stand for maximum volume.

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  • Size: Standard 16/15/7
  • Rails: Curly Maple
  • Soundboard: Mahogany
  • Features: Low bass tuned an octave below the bass bridge- D, E,F#,G,A,B,C
  • Features: No back!
  • Table Stand: Included
  • Weight w/out Stand: 17 lbs
  • Case: Included
  • Price: SOLD
The lack of a back on this dulcimer lets the sound flow out into the room.
Side View of the Side Bar.
Detail view of the curly maple front rail.
Detail view of the curly maple treble rail.
Included with this dulcimer is the table stand used to increase the volume. Sam used this stand design to increase the volume of the instrument and to experiment with changing the instrument's voice.