Wood / Carbon Fiber Baritone Fretted Dulcimer in A (SOLD)

Baritone Fretted dulcimer in A ( AEAA) East Indian Rosewood back and sides. Carbon Fiber soundboard. Instrument features mean-tone tuning for exceptional warmth of tone. SOLD

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  • Size: Baritone
  • Tuning: AEAA
  • Soundboard: Rosewood
  • Top: Carbon Fiber
  • Warm Response
  • Tuning: Mean-tone
  • Case Not Included
  • Price: SOLD
The East Indian Rosewood Back
View of the East Indian Rosewood side.
Top view of the carbon fiber tail. Note the rosewood bottom as seen through the sound hole.
View of the rosewood side and the carbon fiber top.
Closeup view of the peghead.