Alto Fretted 'Canoe Paddle' Dulcimer in G For Sale

Featured is the Alto 'Canoe Paddle' fretted dulcimer. The all-wood construction produces an exceptionally warm tone and volume. Designed in the key of G but currently tuned FCFF. Walnut back and soundboard and redwood sides. A uniquely shaped instrument built by the one and only. Instrument features mean-tone tuning for exceptional warmth of tone. $1700.

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  • Tuning: Currently FCFF
  • Top and Back: Walnut
  • Sides: Rosewood
  • Top and Back: Walnut
  • Shape: Unique
  • Tuning: Mean-tone
  • Case: Not Included
  • Price: $1700
Walnut Back
Detail of the top tail.
Detail of the rosewood sides.
Detail of the back of the peghead.