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As I choose tunes to teach or feature, I will list them with each workshop below. They will be posted on the SHEET MUSIC page, so you can print them out ahead of time if you wish to. I will also try to have copies at the workshops. Any other handouts will be included with workshops listed here.

June 25 – 30
Bardstown, KY

Topics have not yet been finalized for Kentucky Music Week 2017 workshops. I will post them here when I have them. While some of my workshop topics might be similar to last year, tunes will mostly be different.

Here were the KMW 2016 Rizzetta workshops:

SESSION 1 A-Chording We Will Go! Chord Theory for Hammered Dulcimer.
Intermediate Level. Learn how to find and play chords and how to use them in tunes. Use chord knowledge to ornament your own arrangements. Learn to play chord back up to unfamiliar tunes. We’ll cover basic chords, arpeggios, inversions, 7th chords, chord substitutions, and perhaps touch on some of the more advanced and colorful chords.

SESSION 2 Creativity.
Beginning and Intermediate Levels. Use the hammered dulcimer to free your creative muse. Explore scales that are foundations for traditional music and harmony. Improvise and create melodies. Have fun and make beautiful music without having to learn tunes. We might even compose a group tune or two!

SESSION 3 Ragtime Frolics!
Advanced Level. Have fun with syncopation, chromatic notes, blue notes, hot licks, cute tricks, snazzy chords, and learn some ragtime as well as other tunes that use them.

SESSION 4 Modal Tunes.
Intermediate Level. Use scales beyond the familiar major scale to explore interesting and haunting tunes. The dulcimer makes this easy. When old-time fiddlers say a tune is “modal”, they mean it uses a scale other than the familiar major or minor. If this sounds like Greek, not to worry. All will be revealed.

July 13-16
Evart, MI

RAGTIME RYTHMS. (Easy Intermediate Level and above) This is an introduction to syncopation, the essential ingredient of ragtime. It also adds spice to many other types of music. And I have a fun tune that give us any easy way to learn it. You can use syncopation to jazz up your playing! And the dulcimer really makes ragtime sparkle. Learn how to get a handle, or a hammer, on it. We will work on Bumble Bee Rag, which can be found on the Sheet Music page.

MODAL TUNES. (Easy Intermediate Level and above.) The basic do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do notes can be used to play in haunting scales other than the familiar major scale. Such scales are called “modes”, and some of the most wonderful tunes are modal. The good news is that the dulcimer makes this easy.

When old-time musicians say a tune is “modal,” they often mean the tune is in the haunting mixolydian mode, a scale like the major scale but with the 7th note of the scale flatted. If this sounds like Greek, not to worry. All will be explained. We will learn a modal waltz, Lady Of The Mist, which can be found on the Sheet Music Page. Also, here is a handout that I will use to have us play through some modal scales. Modal Scales For Hammer Dulcimer

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