Native-Style Flutes

These flutes are no longer made and are included here for completeness.

PEACE FLUTES: Spirit models with extra-wide airway, two B-flutes and one A-flute.

My flutes are Native American-style, pentatonic flutes that are waterproof and ideal for travel and outdoor use. With a hard plastic body and sealed hardwood airway, they are almost indestructible. And their beautiful tone will probably surprise you. Pentatonic flutes are among the most soothing of musical instruments and a great way to relax and reduce stress. The simple, five note scale is easy for anyone to play and fun for freely improvising. I started making these plastic flutes for wilderness canoe trips and liked them so much that I rarely use my wooden flutes.

PEACE FLUTE: A-flute on stand.

See Playing and Adjusting your Peace Flute for more information as well as how to play and adjust these and most Native-style flutes.

Each flute is handcrafted and accurately tuned to a sweet sounding natural scale based on A-440. I decorate them with bindings and beads but they can be left unadorned. Colors vary and most flutes are one of a kind.

B-flute. Highest pitch, hole spacing okay for smaller hands. Length = 16".
A-flute. Hole spacing okay for smaller hands. Length = 18".
F#-flute. Lower pitch, wider hole spacing. Length = 21".
E-flute. Lowest pitch, wider hole spacing. Length = 24".


One F#-flute at top and two E-flutes.

Flutes with plastic shoulders, plain in bone color; A, F#, and E sizes.

Flutes in bone color; A, F#, and E sizes.

B-flute on twig stand; smallest size and great for travel.

Flute Diagram