Sam Rizzetta Sheet Music

From 'Fire In The Frying Pan'

Here is Sam's archive of sheet music for his original tunes and songs. He was a prolific composer over the years who wrote many of his tunes in his head while he was doing something else.  The something else was often the inspiration for the tune.  If he remembered the tune when he got home, and he usually did, he would write it down.  He had a knack for capturing in the tune his reaction to the inspiration.  See 'March of The Zombie Bunnies' for an extreme example of this.

If you need the score for one of Sam's original tunes that you have on a recording, you should be able to find that in this archive.

There are also tunes composed by his classes and traditional tunes that he used to teach a particular technique.  You are welcome to print copies for personal use. Sam treated his scores as guides as to how he would play a tune.  Many tunes evolved over time, so you are encouraged to expand upon what you find here if the mood takes you in another direction.  

The sheet music is organized by catalog and title.  Click a title to see the sheet music in PDF format, or you can search all the content on the site by title.  All of his original music is presented here as far as can be determined.   

This archive is current as of  3/15/2022