Fancy Wood Dulcimer 1995

Fancy Peg Head Dulcimer 1995
Like most Rizzetta dulcimers, this another one-of-a-kind. It was my primary recording and performing dulcimer from 1995 to 2009, and it won awards at many exhibitions. Large, asymmetric body and tone chamber. Highly figured, quarter sawn, honey-colored lacewood soundboard, back, and sides. Trailing heart sound holes. Ebony fretboard and peghead face have one-of-a-kind vine inlays of mother-of-pearl, abalone, and turquoise. The western red cedar fret staff is hollowed. Top and back have purpleheart binding with abalone border around the top. Back has abalone and ebony inlay stripe. The black walnut peg head with maple border around its ebony face is fitted with four gold Schaller tuners with enclosed, sealed gears. Lacquer finish.

Extra wide and low frets with low, fast action and very straight fingerboard make playing a dream. String scale length is 28 inches. Fretting is for a mean-tone temperament providing an especially sweet scale. 6-1/2 fret and 13-1/2 fret are original. Tone is bright and responsive with rich overtones. Ivoroid nut and bone saddle are grooved to accommodate either four equidistant strings or paired melody strings. It was strung for D’D’AD and mostly played in that tuning. A Baggs pickup and strap button jack are installed.

This dulcimer can be heard on many cuts of the CD Moonlight On The River and is pictured on the album cover. It also has a custom, felt-lined, ultra light, hardshell case handmade of cedar and fiberglass.

Fretted Dulcimer, signed, 1995 Sam Rizzetta.

Upper half

Upper Fretboard

Inlay Detail
Fretboard II

Lower Fretboard


Peghead Rear View

Top Body Rear View

Rear Body