Extended Range

Extended Range Dulcimer, redwood top, mosaic inlay, carbon back, 2-6-19-18.

Extended Range Dulcimer 2-7-19-18-7 with Super Bass on both left & right.

Extended Range (ER). 2-7-19-18-7; very large, ultimate 5th interval dulcimer; over 4 octaves; 3-1/2 octaves chromatic; 1.1" string course spacing; 48″x22″x5″; 17 lbs. with carbon back; amazingly rich tone & lush bass.

The current ER is lighter and more portable than my early ERs. With carbon fiber back and chassis, starts about $4200. Will fit in a Dusty Strings C600 case. Current versions have Super Bass playable on both left and right.