Compact Dulcimer

Ultra Light Arch Back Compact Dulcimer with Super Bass on both left & right.

Compact. Similar to Standard but very portable. Strong and rich tone with wide range in a super portable weight and size; 4-16-15-4; 38"x17"x4"; 4+ octaves. Now available in Ultra Light 10 lb. to 12 lb. depending on features. Super Bass courses are playable on both left and right. One inch string spacing between courses center-to-center is easily playable while keeping overall size minimal. It will fit in most airliners as carry on baggage under current guidelines for musical instruments. This is the model I use when I have to fly to a performance or workshop. While a variety of tuning set ups are possible, especially for the Super Bass.

The Compact has long been a favorite of players & performers who want to travel easily & sound good. It has recently been updated to an ultra light weight option with many new enhancements. The new design is extremely sturdy and stable in tuning with an amazingly light carrying weight. With arch back and black carbon fiber frame, weight is 10 lb. Starts about $3500. With a decorative wood outer frame instead of carbon fiber, weight is about 1/2 lb. heavier. Extra Super Bass courses can add up to one pound more. At present, Compacts made by Nicholas Blanton will differ from mine a bit in weight, features, and price. A Compact will fit in a Dusty Strings C45 case, although it is a little oversize. For a form fitting case I recommend Coon Hollow Canvas. Helen Pilling at Coon Hollow has made a light weight case for my personal Ultralight Compact that has optional backpack straps. It is the cat's meow for airline travel and large festivals.

1993 Rizzetta and Blanton Compact Model Dulcimer

This is another example of a compact dulcimer which are very much in demand.  This instrument features 16-15 bridge layout. Full, resonant tone. Weighs about 14 lbs. Top and back are solid redwood; frame is beautiful dark and highly figured tropical hardwood. Decorative, hand-carved 8-pointed star sound-hole rosette. Mosaic wood inlay on top borders. Holder to attach mini-microphone on back for performing.

1993 Compact Duiclmer

16-15 bridge layout

All wood construction