Carbon Fiber

Mountain Dulcimer in carbon fiber.

Pictured above is a carbon mountain dulcimer in standard DAD’D’ tuning. Sound is strong and warm with the characteristic tonal clarity of carbon. The mellow, lush, and articulate tone is especially nice for fingerpicking.

As a structural material for dulcimers, perhaps the most useful carbon fiber application is for soundboards. Dulcimers with carbon soundboards on wood bodies have the carbon tone at lower cost and faster build time. The Baritone dulcimer pictured below has a carbon soundboard and a light weight carbon reinforced frestaff. The back, sides, fretboard, and peghead are East Indian rosewood. Tuning is ADA’A’. Tone is wonderfully deep, strong, and mellow.

Baritone Dulcimer with carbon soundboard, rosewood back & sides.

Carbon fiber soundboards yield a tone that is more "glassy" with a round and mellow fullness. I also build all-wood dulcimers with the same design features. Their sound is likewise very pleasing. Most have spruce soundboards which generally produce a tone that is bright and "woody" with slightly more volume.