Ultra Light Dulcimers

Carbon fiber reinforced with resin is a wonderful material with many space age uses that require strength with light weight. I’ve used it in boats and airplanes, and over the years I have explored the potential of its surprisingly good acoustic properties. My carbon fiber dulcimers are among my favorites due to their pleasing tone, light weight, and tuning stability. Carbon plays an important roll in my current hammers also.


Carbon Flex-Shaft hammers are the result of many years experimenting to achieve the best tone and playability. Carbon fiber has the best physical properties for making the flexible shafts. An optional ergonomic hand grip is available to ease wrist, finger, and joint problems. See the Hammers page for photos and details.


Nicholas Blanton and I make hammer dulcimers with optional carbon fiber backs and resin-sealed interiors. These features improve strength and tuning stability while reducing weight. See the Hammer Dulcimer page for models and prices.

Currently, my personal dulcimers use many carbon fiber components, including some of the soundboards. The carbon instruments are very light weight, strong, and resistant to humidity. Tone is so pleasing that I rarely play my other dulcimers. Carbon fiber EXTENDED RANGE and COMPACT dulcimers are used exclusively on my recent CD Dulcimer Fandango. See the Recordings page or: Hear sound clips; buy at: Rizzetta at CD Baby.