Playing The Piano Dulcimer. Free! This beginning instruction book explains how the Piano Dulcimer works, guides players new to this chromatic hammer dulcimer, and includes some repertoire from simple folk tunes to dance tunes, classical, ragtime, and even blues! (The print version is no longer available.) For more on Piano Dulcimers, see the Hammer Dulcimers page.

Other books are no longer sold on this website. Some are available elsewhere and some are out of print. However, a complete archive of Rizzetta tunes and songs is now available on the Sheet Music page.



A Collection of Original Music for Hammered Dulcimer and Other Instruments By Sam Rizzetta, published by Mel Bay. $14.95. Standard notation. Here are many of the tunes on Rizzetta recordings, including popular pieces such as Augusta at Midnight, Boiler House Blues, Christmas in the Air, Dora’s Waltz, Dulcimer Boogie, Floodwater Creek, Flowing Waters, Healing Springs, More Pie, Maddie’s Garden, Ocean’s Edge, Love Above All, Lullaby, Playing in the Mud, Return to Texas, Seven Valleys, The Comet, Nonesuch. 80 pages chock full of fun tunes. This book may be ordered from online sources like Amazon.


HOORAY! Tune Book II  By Sam Rizzetta.
Original Compositions Mostly. This book is now out of print but all the tunes are available in PDF format on the Sheet Music Page. Betsy’s Waltz, Birthday Hooray, Christ Child Lullaby (with improvisation), The Dancing Canoe, Ding Dong Merrily on High trio arrangement, Fire in the Cloud duet and variation, Healing Springs duet, Lone Gray Wolf, Moonlight in the Balsam Fir, Prancing Deer, Sam in September (by Betsy Calvert), Shenandoah Circle, Sweet Hour of Prayer duet arrangement, Two Fawns trio. Birthday Hooray is often modified by singers to suit other celebrations like anniversaries and even Christmas and New Year. And it is much more fun to sing than the traditional “Happy Birthday.”


By Sam Rizzetta. Original Compositions Mostly. This book is now out of print but all the tunes are available in PDF format on the Sheet Music Page. Abide With Me, Buckeye quartet, Carrie’s Welcome (Welcome Home) and variation, Dreaming of You, Eagle in the Tall Tree, Hoodoo Hoedown, Hoodoos on the Missouri, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Prancing Deer (A and B parts with harmony), Rattlesnake Hideaway, Twister.


By Sam Rizzetta. Original Compositions Mostly. $12.00. This book is now out of print but all the tunes are available in PDF format on the Sheet Music Page. Adirondack Canoe Carry, Betty Keep Your Butt Down, Blackie Cool’s A Polka (versions in both the key of A and key of D), Cedars in Snow, Farewell to the Rose and Thorn, Farewell to the Walleye, Flying cloud Cotillion, Highballing (including a version for mountain dulcimer), Lily of the Lake, Memphis Shakedown, Mindfulness, Monks in the Chocolate Shop, Moonlight on the River (versions in both the key of D and key of F), Portland Aire, Rolling Pumpkins, Summer Set, Truffles Genevieve (with harmony), Twister duet, Two Feathers, West Virginia Waltz.

Canoe And Kayak Building The Light And Easy Way
By Sam Rizzetta, published by International Marine/McGraw-Hill Publishers.
Read more on the Canoe & Kayak page. Order this book from bookstores, outfitters, and online booksellers: Sam Rizzetta at Amazon

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