At long last I have assembled a RIZZETTA TUNE ARCHIVE including most of my original music plus some traditional tunes, all in standard notation. You can find the Archive on the SHEET MUSIC page.

My Carbon Flex Shaft Hammers are now available with single-sided heads and at slightly less cost than double-sided heads. See the HAMMERS page.

There is a new hammer dulcimer feature to report. A long time ago I developed the idea for a third playing bridge to add extra low bass notes to traditional American dulcimers. This “Super Bass” bridge is generally placed on the left side of a dulcimer because it sounds better there and is structurally better for the dulcimer. Some players have argued for placing the Super Bass bridge on the right for the convenience of playing some passages. Well, now you don’t have to choose. I’ve developed a way to add another bridge and play the Super Bass courses on both sides without compromising structure or tone. In fact, tone is improved. This is available now on my dulcimers, and we hope to introduce this feature on some Dusty Strings dulcimer models eventually. See tuning charts and more information on the Hammer Dulcimer page.

Dulcimer Fandango is my latest CD. Uplifting compositions using the luscious tones of acoustic, carbon fiber hammer dulcimers on every cut. My carbon dulcimers are my favorites, and this is the first recording using them exclusively. Sound clips, CDs, and MP3 downloads are available at popular music websites and at: Rizzetta at CD Baby. Read more on the Recordings page.
The Mountain Dulcimer page also has information on pickups and amplification.
The Carbon Fiber Instruments page has the latest on carbon hammer and mountain dulcimers.
I am finally making some of my waterproof traveling Native-style flutes to sell; see the new Flute page.

Moonlight On The River CD features mountain dulcimer on every cut. Sound clips, CDs, and downloads are available at popular music websites. Rizzetta at CD Baby. For the original Trapezoid: Trapezoid at CD Baby. See the Recordings page for all the Rizzetta CDs.

See the Canoes & Kayaks page for a FREE and newly updated PDF on canoe and kayak flotation, rescue, and safety. The book CANOE AND KAYAK BUILDING THE LIGHT AND EASY WAY, available at bookstores and online, is helping home builders make their own ultra light weight canoes. A free supplemental PDF has more on making kayak paddles.
 I like playing Native American flutes outdoors but don’t like subjecting them to bad weather and rough use. So I make Native American-style flutes out of PVC for backpacking and canoe trips. They sound surprisingly nice. See the Flute page.
With some exciting experimental hammer dulcimers completed, I have had time to get outdoors in the invigorating air of autumn. September was spent in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota where I go canoe camping once or twice each year. And after cutting and splitting enough firewood for the winter, I got in some October backpacking in our West Virginia mountains.

When I’m home visitors are welcome. Just scare the cats and whitetail deer away from my workshop door and give a knock. Next projects include experimental mountain dulcimers and a new canoe. And my collaborations with Ray Mooers at Dusty Strings continue as I work on some potential additions and improvements to the Dusty Strings Chromatic Series Hammered Dulcimers. Stay tuned for more!

And if I’m not home… well, I’m probably paddling my Kayoo, flying my little Grumman AA1, playing a dulcimer somewhere, or walking the trails with Carrie.




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